Create a node

Download Install Node Wallet

Note: Pls be sure to open the 8001 and 8002 ports of the server, otherwise the network will be unstable.

The user downloads the node wallet compression package (linux version, windows version) from GitHub and uploads it to the server for decompression (the Chinese language is not included in the path).


The linux user starts the wallet with the ./start command. After each module starts successfully, the command line is entered through the ./cmd command. After the block is synchronized to the latest height, other operations can be performed.



Windows users double-click start.bat in the folder to start the wallet. After the module is successfully started, double-click cmd.bat to enter the command line. After the block is synchronized to the latest height, other operations can be performed.



Download Light Wallet Installation

Users download and open the light wallet (windows version, mac version) from GitHub and connect to the node service.


Creating a consensus node

The user creates a consensus node on the light wallet (the reward address can be the same as the creation address, or it can be another address, the package address cannot be the creation address and reward address, the deposit is 20000-200000, the commission ratio is 10-100 integer)


Import the block node into the node wallet (the password is set to: nuls123456)


You can also create a node by using the createagent command on the command line (omitted)


The user opens the light wallet or web wallet, imports the 1.0 private key or keystore file, enters the consensus page, selects the node to commission


The same can be done on the command line through the deposit command (omitted)

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