How to contribute

The development of NULS is inseparable from the community and requires the participation of community members. We provide different ways for community members to participate, and you can choose what you are good at to contribute to NULS. For each contributor, the name of the contributor is published with its consent (we also attach the node name if the node is owned)

Join the Mainnet development

Although the main network is now in a stable state of operation, in order to cope with changes, the development of the main network is still in progress. We need the help of the community to solve the challenges in the development of the main network and improve the NULS blockchain infrastructure together. We urge developers in the community to join us and contribute, and your efforts will be rewarded.

Report bugs

In the software development process, although there are strict tests, we still can't avoid bugs in the program. So if you find bugs in the process of using our application or developing, please timely feedback to us, and we will actively deal with them. There are three ways to feed back bugs:

  • Feedback through community forum

    • Mainnet:
    • Testnet:
  • Send email to

  • Direct feedback to the community manager or operations staff

Write document

NULS formulated the document writing incentive plan, invited the community to write NULS related documents together, and gave corresponding rewards according to the efforts of community members.

Translate document

As a global open source blockchain project, NULS needs a lot of bilingual documents in Chinese and English. If you are a professional in this field, we really need your help.

List of contributors

The rankings are arranged alphabetically, in no particular order

Name Email Node Alias/ID
Angang Tang --
Albert --
Charlie Li ---
Cody Lan ---
Davi Yang ---
Yuanchen Jiang ---
Yifeng Qin --
Niels niels
Pierre Luo ---
Pen Luo ---
Siwei siwei
Vivi Zhou ---
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