# How to Contribute in the NULS Community

The development of NULS is inseparable from its community, and we encourage community members to actively participate. Various avenues are provided for community members to contribute, allowing individuals to choose their preferred ways to contribute to NULS. The NULS Foundation supports contributors in multiple ways, both professionally and personally.

# Understand NULS Vision and Products

It is essential for NULS contributors to have a solid understanding of NULS's vision, related products, and familiarity with the functionality and usage of these products. This foundational knowledge is crucial for the development of NULS.

# Non-Technical Contributors

# Build the NULS Brand

Showcase the NULS brand at industry events and activities. NULS is an open community project, allowing the use of NULS brand resources as long as it doesn't harm the reputation of NULS.

# Facilitate Community Development and Communication

Establish communities or groups for discussions related to NULS development, helping to spread the ideals and vision of NULS.

Guide and assist NULS community users in using NULS-related products, always willing to help new users.

# Apply for the Ambassador

As a seasoned NULS community member, you can apply to become an ambassador and receive node support from the foundation.

# Make Proposals for NULS Development

If you have ideas or proposals to contribute to the development of NULS, feel free to discuss them with the community and work together to turn them into reality.

# Technical Contributors

Welcome to contribute to NULS! We sincerely invite developers with rich experience in the blockchain field to join the NULS technical community.

Learn about NULS development at https://nuls.io/developer.

Welcome to contribute to NULS! We sincerely invite developers with rich experience in the blockchain field to join the NULS technical community at https://nuls.io/community.

Documentation: https://docs.nuls.io

NULS Brand Assets: https://nuls.io/brand-assets

# Report Bugs

Despite rigorous testing during software development, bugs may still occur. If you discover any bugs while using our applications or during development, please provide timely feedback. You can submit issues directly on GitHub repositories or report to the relevant individuals in the community.

# Write or Optimize Documentation

As a global blockchain open-source community project, maintaining up-to-date documentation in multiple languages is crucial. If you are a professional in this field, we greatly need your assistance. You can view and contribute to our documentation on the devsite by forking and pushing changes to our GitHub.

# Develop Public Tools

Develop public tools that assist users in using NULS products based on your experience. These tools contribute to a better ecosystem for new users and developers.

# Join Mainnet Development

While the mainnet is stable, ongoing development is necessary to address changes. We seek community help to tackle challenges in mainnet development and improve the NULS blockchain infrastructure. Developers are encouraged to join and contribute, and proposals for node support can also be made to the foundation.

# Develop DApps Using NULS VM

Develop DApps using NULS VM and open-source them for other developers, enriching the NVM smart contract template repository.

# Assist More Projects Using NULS ChainBox

Use NULS ChainBox to create blockchains for more projects, helping enhance and enrich the application of NULS technology framework in businesses.

# Community

  • Website: https://nuls.io
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/nuls
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/aRCwbj47WN
  • Telegram: https://t.me/Nulsio
  • Medium: https://nuls.medium.com
  • Forum: https://forum.nuls.io
  • GitHub: https://github.com/nuls-io
Last Updated: 1/31/2024, 5:13:25 PM