Quick Start

Install JDK11

Download JDK11 to the server and extract it.

1 download jdk11

Jdk11 download address: jdk11 download

2 upload to the server and extract

Tar -zxvf jdk-11.0.2_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz


3 configuration environment

vi /ect/profile

Copy the following code to the file


ps: /home/nuls2/jdk-11.0.2 is the path after jdk is unpacked, please configure according to your actual path.

source /ect/profile The configuration of this command takes effect.

View the jdk version via java -version:


Download and install the wallet

1 download NULS wallet

Go to GitHub and download the latest version of the NULS2.0 wallet: download address

2 upload to the server and extract

Tar -zxvf NULS-Walltet-linux64-beta1.tar.gz


Enter the CLI

1 start the wallet

After the wallet is decompressed, go to the start.sh file directory: /home/nuls2/NULS-Wallet-linux64-beta1


Execute the command: ./start.sh -D

2 enter the command line

After the wallet is started, execute cmd.sh (./cmd.sh) in the same directory to enter the wallet command line. The NULS command prompts the prompt: nuls>gt;>, enter the NULS wallet operation command, and operate .


Part of Instructions

1 create an account

Command: create [Number]

Number: The number of account addresses created. The default is 1 and the maximum is 100.

2 Backup keystore

Command: backup <address> [Path]

Address: Account address to be backed up (required)
Path: The directory where the backup file is generated. The default is the current directory (optional)

3 Get the private key

Command: getprikey <address>

Address: Account address for obtaining the private key (required)

4 remove the account

Command: remove <address>

Address: address to be removed (required)

5 modify the account password

Command: resetpwd <address>

Address: Account address to change the password (required)

6 Transfer

Command: transfer <FormAddress/FormAlias> <ToAddress/ToAlias><amount> [Remark]

FormAddress/FormAlias: Transfer the address or export the alias, choose one (required)
ToAddress/ToAlias: Receive address or receive alias, choose one (required)

7 create a consensus node

Command: createagent <AgentAddress> <PackingAddress> <CommissionRate> <Deposit> [RewardAddress]

AgentAddress: Consensus node creation address (required)
PackingAddress: The address of the consensus node is packed. The password must be the same as the configuration file. The default is: nuls123456 (required)
CommissionRate: commission ratio, range: 10-100, maximum decimal place 2 digits (required) Deposit: margin, range: 20000-200000, maximum decimal place 8 digits (required) RewardAddress: reward address, default is node creation address ( Optional)

ps: Save the hash of the consensus node (or query in [Browser] (http://beta.nulscan.io)), join the consensus and query consensus node information needs to be used; Ensure that the consensus node creates an address and a packaged address in one wallet, and one wallet cannot create two consensus nodes at the same time.

8 join the consensus

Command: deposit<Address><AgentHash><Deposit>

Address: Account address to join the consensus (required)
AgentHash: Create a hash of the consensus node (required)
Deposit: Join the consensus deposit, 2000-500000, up to 8 decimal places (required)

ps: Save the consensus hash, you need to use the exit consensus

9 Exit the consensus

Command: withdraw<Address><TxHash>

Address: Exit consensus address (required)
TxHash: transaction hash at the time of delegation (required)

10 stop consensus node

Command: stopagent<Address>

Address: Consensus node creation address (required)

11 query consensus node information

Command: getagent<AgentHash>

AgentHash: Consensus node creates hash (required)
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